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Shipping Times & Prices

How long does shipping take?

Tracking / Where’s my package?

When is my order shipped?

Where do you ship?

Refunds, Returns, and Exchanges

What’s your policy for refunds, returns, and exchanges?

How do I get a refund?

How long do refunds take to show up in my account?

Who pays for return shipping?

Setup & Installation

How does the water get hooked up to the bidet?

Are your products OK for rental properties?

Do I need a plumber or expert or special plumbing?

Can I remove the bidet kit easily? What if I move?

Health & Hygiene

Is the water clean enough for female needs?

Is the water that comes out of the sprayer clean?

Privacy & Security

How safe is it to order online?

Do you sell my information to advertisers or other companies?

Is it safe to put my credit card into your website?


Do you charge taxes?